About Us


MediCane’s dual-pathway R&D is directed at extraction of cannabis strains for plant-based cannabis products, and development of pharmaceutical products approvable by the FDA in the United States, and EMA in Europe. To ensure the highest quality and maximum independence of the R&D processes, MediCane controls its entire value chain of medicinal cannabis, from genetic seed development, plant propagation and cultivation, to manufacturing, pharmacological development, medical research, and distribution of the final products to end-users.

Our Purpose

MediCane aims to advance medical research and development in different therapeutic areas via exploring the connection between use of cannabis plant components and improving health in patients with various medical conditions.
MediCane wishes to contribute to symptom relief of people whose needs cannot be met through traditional drug treatments. Our teams have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and to achieve this we proudly partner with leading scientists and reputable research institutes around the globe.
MediCane develops products in two parallel regulatory pathways – the medical cannabis route, using whole plant extractions, and the pharmaceutical route, using isolated ingredients.
MediCane controls the seed to customer value chain to ensure delivery of our highest pharma-grade quality products to patients in need.

our Health.

Our Research

MediCane conducts various clinical trials from preclinical to phase II clinical trials through collaboration with world-renowned scientists and leading physicians in different fields, with the support of major academic research institutions and hospitals in Israel, UK, Portugal, Spain, USA, Germany and Australia.

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