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MediCane cultivates medical cannabis flowers from meticulously selected cultivars based on science and research.

All plants and cultivation processes are rigorously monitored by a highly experienced professional Quality Assurance team to ensure premium flower standards.

The cultivar selection is composed of diverse chemical profiles to satisfy the unmet needs of those looking to ameliorate their quality of life.

Medicane GMP Facility

Our portfolio consists of Generic & Evidence based therapeutic substances & preparations

  • THC Dominant 

  • Balanced THC:CBD 

  • CBD Dominant

Common Terpenes in Our Portfolio


Alpha & Beta-Pinene


Alpha- and Beta-Pinene are the 2 isomers of Pinene and are well known in the scientific community for increasing mental alertness/clarity, improving cognitive functions as well as an antidepressant.

Significant research demonstrates its potential
application in pain-relief, ancer treatment, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilation.

Alpha- and Beta-Pinene are the two isomers of Pinene and are well known in the scientific community for increasing mental  alertness/clarity, improving cognitive functions as well as an antidepressant.

Significant research demonstrates its potential application in pain-relief, ancer treatment, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bronchodilation.

Another common terpene in cannabis, Humulene is also known as alpha-caryophyllene, as it share a very similar chemical structure to beta-caryophyllene. 

Whilst it may share similar relaxing effects to beta- caryophyllene, it does not interact with Endocannabinoid receptors like Beta Caryophyllene.

It is valued as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and it’s anti-cancer properties.




Responsible for the much loved citrus scent found in citrus fruits, Limonene has also been proven to act as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) as well as have anti-
inflammatory, antioxidant, antinociceptive, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihyperalgesic, antiviral and gastroprotective properties.

Known as one of the “most-used herbal constituents” in the world, research on Alpha-Bisabolol reports it’s ability to prevent oxidative stress, inflammatory
disorders, infections, neurodegenerative diseases,
cancers and metabolic disorders.

One of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis,
Myrcene acts as a natural sedative with a myriad of
therapeutic benefits. One study compared Myrcenes analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect to that of some conventional medicines.




With a floral fragrance, and shown to one of the few terpenes with a significant affect on cannabinoid signaling in the brain, Nerolidols relaxing and sedative effects are beneficial for those suffering from insomnia. Studies also demonstrate the potential for Nerolidol to act as an antinociceptive.

Famous for it’s high prevalence and distinctive smell in lavender plants, Linalool exerts a sedative and relaxing sensation on the human body. Studies show Linalool to have neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in the brain.

A lesser-known terpene, with strong antioxidative and antinociceptive effects. Evidence suggest Phytol may also function as an antianxiety and anticonvulsant treatment. Cannabis with high levels of Phytol can have sedating effects.


Responsible for the earthy and woody fragrance
associated with herbs such as nutmeg, rosemary and basil. Certain studies show Campehene to be potential efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, combatting bronchitis, reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, fighting and killing cancer cells in mice and as a strong anti-fungal.

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