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Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Operations

Since 2022, MediCane’s EU-GMP facility offers contract manufacturing services to duly qualified and approved cultivators from around the world.

Our dedicated team of professionals with many years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and our collaboration with world-renowned scientists and prestigious research institutions, has enabled us to create a process where quality, safety, efficacy and consistency are continuously ensured.

At MediCane, EU-GMP flowers are manufactured into dosage forms to meet the rigorous requirements of any national monograph within the EU pharmacopoeia. 

At MediCane the following services are offered:

GACP Contract Cultivation

Cultivar cultivation tailored to customer requisites (cannabinoid and terpene profiles).

EU-GMP Contract Manufacturing

Medical Cannabis flowers manufactured into different ingredient & dosage forms, subsequently packaged tailored to customer requisites.


Tailored to customer requisites.

Stability Studies

Stability studies performed within our facility in accordance with ICH guidelines.

Internal Lab Testing

In-house lab enabling expedite turnaround times for various analytics.

External EU-GMP Lab Testing

Existent protocols with external EU-GMP certified labs deliver results quickly, reliably, and consistently.







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