Cultivar generic name


OG Kush X Pure CBD (Sativa)

Flower formation

OG Kush CBD turns into slim, mid-sized and branchy plants with wide leaves and ample internodal spacing. Due to the influence of the CBD pure genetics hidden away in her, plant aeration is improved and she’s more resistant to mold and fungi.

Aromas & Flavors

A well balanced terpen build which emit the combination of lemony, fuelly, woody and spicy scents.

Effects Cerebral

CBD, a cannabinoid functioning as an antagonist of THC, regulates the typical THC-derived negative effects making the whole experience much more bearable and balanced. That’s why her effect is easier to put up with, more cerebral than physical and nicely euphoric.

Recommended for Nighttime usage.


Strong anti-inflammatory effect, muscle relaxation and low pain relief.


THC content: 4-6%
CBD content:  6-9%



THC RICH Balanced

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