The Center for Cannabis Medicine, in cooperation with a global giant, will introduce 12 marijuana-based prescription products to pharmacies

The Hemp Medicine Center Group (CMK) – a leader on the Polish market of medical services using medical marijuana therapy, is scheduled to introduce hemp products to pharmacies in 2024, offered by the German pharmaceutical giant Sanity Group. After the registration process, CMK will be the only entity with such a diverse portfolio of medical marijuana products in the country.

The medicinal marijuana industry is gaining importance, and more and more people are using cannabis plant therapy. Despite this, Polish patients struggle with, among others: with the lack of availability of dried herb or a limited selection of preparations and medicines based on hemp. In 2023, the Center for Hemp Medicine established cooperation with Sanity Group (a company from the Vayamed family, which is one of the largest players in the global hemp industry). The CMK Group thus gained the exclusive right to register and introduce medical marijuana-based products offered by the German concern to the Polish market.

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